Monday, April 30, 2007

Win a digital camera for the best wedding joke.

Send in your best wedding joke to win a digital camera (Polaroid PDC 2070). Every entry before Sunday 20th of May will get a link to their blog or home page for the duration of the competition.

My brother is getting married soon and I need some amazing jokes to keep the guests laughing at the reception. Send your joke entries to jokevault at gmail . All entries must be in plain text, no forwards will be accepted and all > signs and formatting must be removed from any entries. Each entry will form a separate post on this blog and the winner will be the joke with the highest rating at 9 am AEST on the 2nd of June 2007. The closing date for entries is Sunday the 20th of May, and all valid entries will be posted on this site by the 27th of May. Rating of the jokes will commence as soon as a joke is posted, so get your entries in early.

The highest rated joke will be the joke with the highest score out of 5, in the event of a tie between two jokes, the winner will be the joke with the highest number of raters. The winner will be notified by email and a Polaroid PDC 2070 2.1 Mega Pixel camera sent to them by mail.

Include your blog or homepage url on your entry for a free link to your blog for the duration of the competition. At the close of the competition a maximum of twenty jokes and their links will be retained in the jokevault. Any joke with a rating of less than 4 will be deleted.