Saturday, June 23, 2007

Best ways to say no to a telesales caller.

Have you ever been in a meeting, or on a date and right then, at the most inappropriate point, you get call on your phone for a Credit Card from irritating telesales callers?

Next time, try one of these responses...

1. I'm attending to nature's call. Is it necessary to attend your call too?

2. I don't need a credit card, but may be one of my friend needs one.
Then give him/her the no. of someone you have been wanting to irritate for a long time.

3. Just wait a minute I'm on another call.

4. Hi. I was waiting for you. What are you wearing?

5. I am in hospital and the doctor says I don't have long to live. Could you please delete my number from the database?

6. No, I don't want a credit card from your godforsaken bank, because then my old one will get jealous, take the kids and leave me.

7. Actually, I died last night. Can you come down to hell for address verification?

8. I guess you have an awful job. How much do you earn anyway? I have a better one for you.

9. You want to give me a credit card? Its my birthday and you ask me if I need a credit card! Damn you! I need a birthday card. And I won't take any card from you until I get my birthday present.