Friday, June 15, 2007

Real Call Centre Conversations #2

customer (irate): My credit card is not working.
employee: Let me see whats wrong (the employee tries to pacify the customer )
customer: If this card does not work I will swipe it on your A***
employee: Sorry sir. That facility is not available.


During a busy period at a call centre, a friend of mine chose to take calls back to back and later make notes on the accounts. Confusion began when he did not know which note was for which account. So he ended up deceasing a randomly selected account with notes saying "Card holder passed away, daughter called to inform".

The next day the customer called and was surprised to see her account got deceased. The customer care person handling the call said, "according to our notes, your daughter called to inform us".

The customer lost it and shouted " my daughter is just 7 months old. She can't say mom, and you expect her to call and say that mummy died, cease the account?".