Saturday, July 14, 2007

Call Centre Bloopers

Agent getting promo code from customer:
Agent: Can I ask for the promo code? It's a bunch of letters.
Customers: Like ABCs?
Agent: Yes.
Customer: Ok. ABCDEFG....

Agent verifying customer's location:
Agent: That's W - I - S - C - O - N - S - I - N. So, you're from WESKUN-SIN?
Customer: No, it's Wis-con-sin.
Agent: Ah, OK, WES-KUN-SIN. And what's the country, ma'am?
Customer: Country?.. United States... You mean country, right?
Agent: Ah, yes...?

Agent trying to create urgency over the available promotion:
Agent: Are you sure you don't want to take advantage of me?
Customer: Say, what?

Agent trying to upsell a warranty:
Agent: ...... Here's an example: In California, a plane crashed into a customer's house, their dish was replaced, no questions asked!

Agent was asking the customer about the cost of his cable service:
Agent: Let me just ask you.... How much are paying with your current provider right now?
Customer: Well, I'm only paying $25.00 (--which is way cheaper than what the agent was offering)
Agent: (Surprised) MAGKANO??!!

Customer: I don't want to talk to you.
Agent: Who do you want to talk to?
Customer: I want to talk to the highest person.
Agent: My supervisor is not available as of the moment sir.
Customer: I said, I want to talk to the highest person.
Agent: Ok, you want to talk to the highest person?
Customer: Yes!
Agent: DO yoU wANT to talk to God or You want to talk to Me?
Customer: $%$*&%, I rather talk to you....