Sunday, August 12, 2007

Little Johnny Joke: Ugly Baby

A lady boarded a bus with a little baby in her arms. The driver glanced at the baby once and exclaimed, 'My God. That's one ugly baby.'
The lady slammed her fare down the fare box and angrily went and sat at the back of the bus. Little johnny saw her angry face and asked her what the problem was.
'That mean driver just insulted me,' the lady said.
Sensing trouble Little Johnny's eyes sparkled. 'What! That idiot! He shouldn't have insulted you. What a nerve!'
'Yeah,' said the lady. 'I think I'll go now and give him a piece of my mind.'
'Sure thing!' encouraged the excited Little Johnny. 'You should tell him that he shouldn't tell you something so offensive'
'Hmm, yes,' said the lady, trying to rise from her seat with the baby in her arms.'I'll go right now!'
'Yeah sure,' said Little Johnny, and added excitedly, 'here, let me hold your monkey.'

From Avi