Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Top Ten Ways to Stop Global Warming

With big prizes on offer for solutions to global warming, I've been working on some solutions which will really work. Here are my top ten solutions.

1. Bury all the excess carbon dioxide under mountains of ice in Antarctica. Vostok, the coldest weather station on earth, regularly reaches temperatures of -70 degrees. At atmospheric pressure, carbon dioxide freezes to form dry ice at -78.5 degrees C, but the phase diagram shows that under a few feet of ice carbon dioxide would remain permanently solid and removed from the earth's ecosystem.

2. Cover desert areas with mirrors to reflect the sun's radiation back out of the atmosphere, reducing desert temperatures by as much as 20 degrees.

3. Send all the excess carbon dioxide to Mars, along with some plant seeds. If none of these methods work at least Mars will be habitable in 100 years.

4. I'm still thinking about number 4. Once it cools down a bit, & the water has stopped lapping at my toes I should be able to think of some more solutions.