Saturday, May 20, 2006

In The News

Disappointing Earnings
Macquarie Bank CEO Allan Moss is disappointed with the $21.2million he
earned in the year to March 31 2006. His salary amounts to just $40 per
minute, compared to the rumoured $150 per minute earned in just two
weeks by each of the two Beaconsfield mine survivors.

Lost Bodies
The defence department admitted that it has mislaid Brendan Nelson, who
was to apologise for losing the report about how they mislaid the body
of Private Jake Kovco. Defence officials said that Brendan Nelson was
driven to the press conference by a private contracting business based
in Kuwait. Attempts to contact the business failed when the department
lost the phone number.

Australian customs officials will be on alert to check the Prime
Minister's luggage for nuclear waste when he returns from Washington
later this week. Under pressure from George Bush to take back spent
nuclear fuel it is rumoured that John Howard is using visits to the US
to bring back the waste in his personal luggage. Officials will be
conducting a detailed search of the PM's Boogie Board bag.

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