Monday, May 01, 2006

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Short and Mobile Jokes

Hilarious Answering Machine Messages
Units of Measurement
Index of short jokes, one-liners and mobile jokes

Famous People and Bush Jokes

George Bush Goes to Primary School

George Bush Visits India

World's Smartest President
Brad Pitt
Homer Simpson Jokes
More Celebrity and Bush Jokes...

Blonde Jokes
Blonde Jokes and Jokes for Blondes
More Blonde Jokes...

Computer and Internet Jokes

Is Your Computer Male or Female?
How you know its 2006

Office, Work, Corporate and School Jokes

Is Your CV This Good? The CV(Larger)
Australian Workplace Agreements
More Office, Work and Lawyer Jokes

Relationships and Marriage

Best Break Up Letter
More Dating Jokes...

Women are smarter than men
Wife's Birthday
The Husband's Excuse

The Perfect Marriage

Rules of Marriage

For my Married Friends

Travel Jokes

Qantas Ground Crew
The Bus Driver

Car Jokes

Hillbilly birth
88 Year Old Gives Birth

Our Elders

Think of the poor old ladies
Your last chance to fly in a plane


Ireland wins over England
Squads Announced for the 2006 World Cup (The Australian Team)

Christian Jokes

Protestant vs Catholic
A man lost his hat
Gates of Heaven

Special Occasions

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

More Favourites

Meeting of the Medical Society
Millions and Billions

Sherlock Holmes Goes Camping

Too Good

The Beach


The Man and the Ostrich


Funny Signs

Bad Driving

For Animal Lovers

Japanese English

Office Pictures



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